Newhaven and Hailsham Academy Primary Schools
Newhaven, East Sussex

The multi-purpose halls were constructed in the factory and erected on site using our innovative telescopic modular solution.

The schools feature Trespa HPL rain-screen cladding, PPC aluminium double glazed external windows and doors, Firestone single ply membrane roof system, underfloor heating system and a ventilation system comprising upper and lower louvres.

The ventilation system combined with a simple BMS control system, is designed to deliver a controlled environment that prevents Summer overheating and is cost effective and draught-free.

The internal aspect of the 2 buildings is remarkably open and airy with double-storey height clerestory units flooding the inner teaching spaces with light, perfectly complimented by the vibrant interior colour-scheme.

We are delighted to have worked with ECE Architects and Kier to have delivered these innovative and stunning building
for East Sussex County Council.


Building size
1410m2, inc 146m2 hall

Building Size

Manufacturing period
11 weeks


Installation time
17 weeks


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